How to Achieve Employee Engagement through Virtual Mentoring?

How to achieve employee engagement through virtual mentoring?

Virtual mentoring is not only about booking a conference room or arranging a coffee. The virtual mentoring program must be intentional. To be successful in this type of modern mentoring, your organization should:

  • Promote proactive reporting. Individual mentors and program participants must be proactive in keeping in touch. Your organization must actively manage the program during this time to support your employees’ efforts to create connections.
  • Use available technology. The quality of today’s technology ensures that virtual meetings do not lose their quality.
  • Get everyone involved. If you already have a mentoring program, don’t forget those who are not currently participating. This is a very difficult time and many who have abandoned the mentoring program at a more stable time may be grateful to participate in this uncertainty.
  • Provide mental leadership. Remember that even your mentors are now navigating uncharted waters. Remove barriers to attendees by providing the resources they need – goal setting examples or useful articles and webinars. And before doing that, just ask participants what resources they need to be successful.
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