We are an interdisciplinary organization supporting the development of leaders. We use scientific knowledge on systems theory- neurobiology, psychology, philosophy, psycholinguistics, anthropology, or even artificial intelligence in order to activate transformative processes in a measurable way. We offer capacity development studies,  mentoring, consulting – development of leaders, teams and organizations.


We have always heard that leaders would succeed through behavior change. This approach does not take into account important factors influencing that change. Research confirms that our behavior depends on what we think. What we think depends on what we feel. What we feel depends on our emotions, which in turn are dependent on physiological processes.

Therefore business success begins with the skillful management of physiology and emotions, as well as of the mind, ego and values, and ends with working on our behaviors, including the conscious way of entering into relationships with other people and building awareness of the impact on the environment.


  • Understand how to influence physiology to accelerate successful operations.
  • Discover who he is and how to increase his influence
  • Find his goal and take a look at how its achievement builds a sense of accomplishment, clarity and a sense of meaning.
  • Develop communication skills to manage conflicts, deepen interpersonal relationships and empower others.
  • Make more intelligent and strategic decisions; even under stress, when it is necessary to deliver results quickly.


  • Integrate the team and discover the optimal paths to task goals.
  • Shift into action that brings tangible results.
  • Build strong relationships and transform hidden tensions into successes.
  • Teach teams how to find themselves in a comprehensive world of business relationships.
  • Support the team in making bold business decisions.


  • Discover key talents and understand what drives the business forward.
  • Understand whether individual parts of an organization cooperate with each other, or whether the functional silos arises and what it emerges from.

Why can we help you?

We choose a flexible, individual approach – we create development programs in response to your expectations. They are aimed at changing attitudes as well as thinking, feeling and managing emotions – which in turn translates into a business success of the organization.

Our practical approach supports the know-how of the “mentor guru” as well as the development of leaders program created by Professor David Clutterbuck, with whom we work exclusively in Poland. We are part of CMI Network (Coaching Mentoring International) – a network of organizations with global reach. We share knowledge and experience, carry out research on the effectiveness of implemented development programs.

We are proud of our clients