By creating this program, we focused on applying methods that use learning through experience oriented towards both developing competence and encouraging personal development. The learning process is developed in a way that enables participants to integrate its various aspects in their own features: broadened self-awareness, acquired skills, knowledge (theory and models) and practical experience. We integrate two methodological approaches – learning through structure (ready-made models and models) and learning through experience. 

The program includes: 

1 / Workshops for future mentors. 

Participants will learn the tools and techniques that will enable them to conduct a full mentoring process with the mentee. 

2 / Supervisions for mentors. 

Supervision is recommended for mentors who conduct active processes. 

3 / Preparing mentees for the role  

Getting to know the basics of mentoring and defining development areas for mentoring process. 

4 / Trainings for  HR representatives and other defined  program stakeholders. 

During the workshop, we will answer the question: How to develop the supporting stakeholders in the field of leading and managing the mentoring process in the organization? 

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