MARIOLA CZECHOWSKA – FRĄCZAK shares her thoughts that appeared during her studies at Oxford and the Paris Haute Ecole de Commerce.


Leaders’ failures often result from narrow understanding of what leadership is and what are the needs of the organization. That was the case with Steve Jobs, who got fired from his own company – Apple Computer. Jobs himself found the period after getting fired as one of the most creative times of his life.

He drew two lessons from this period: one concerning the importance of “buying” a mission by the organization; the second concerning people- the importance of building relationships and teamwork. It turned out to be clear to him that if we do not know what is going on, but we want to deal with it, we do more of what we know and what we can, even if it does not really work. We believe naively that if we try harder, we will succeed. Nothing more wrong.

Here a question arises, how can we tell that we are going in the right direction or that we are coming to a dead end? Well, the solution can be reformulating (reframing) – the ability to think about a given challenge in many ways, which allows the development of alternative strategies, such as the use of a “structural” approach, the perspective of human capital and social capital, conflict analysis and distribution of power, as well as organizational culture. This diverse approach (“multiframe thinking”) makes it easier to include relevant information that we would not otherwise have considered.

I invite you to a dialogue on the subject „multiframe thinking“ – kind regards Mariola Czechowska – Frączak

* I used L.G. Bollman and TE Deala – Reframing Organization.

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